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De-ethanizer tank at natural gas plant, using 3d laser scanning

3D Laser Scanning: When Accuracy is Critical, Smart Tech is the Solution

August 2, 2017

When a client needed to add a 150,000-gallon de-ethanizer tank to its natural gas processing plant, 3D laser scanning was the technology they needed to make it happen.

Asset Inventory - Precise Visual Technologies - 3D Laser Scanning

Why 3D? The 3D Scanning Advantage

May 18, 2017

The advantages of 3D Scanning are clear:¬†Get started with Precise Visual Technologies today. We created this infographic titled “Why 3D?” to highlight the power of 3D Laser Scanning and advantages 3D Scanning has over traditional surveying and data collection methods. Transform your out-of-date 2D drawings into 3D models that can be visualized through video walk-throughs […]

Design & 3D Scans

3D Scanning & Visualization: Combined Heat and Power Project

May 11, 2017

  Using the latest 3D scanning technology, we participated in this combined heat and power project by surveying existing structures. Our surveyors were able to complete the project quickly and efficiently, all while documenting hard to reach locations and constraints including electrical conduits and mandatory code clearances. In the past, traditional surveying methods including tape […]

Laser Scanning on Roadways

Quick FAQ: 3D Laser Scanning Questions & Answers

May 4, 2017

To scan an interior or exterior environment using a 3D laser, what are the fundamental equipment, software, skills, and approximate costs? To understand the 3D Laser Scanning process, the necessary equipment, skills, and costs, we should start by identifying the similarities and differences to existing 2D methods and highlighting the clear advantages of 3D technology.


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