Asset Documentation

3D laser scanning can give a time and date stamped picture of existing conditions. This picture can be used for:

  • Photo documentation of existing conditions
  • Basis of design for future improvements
  • Remote measurements and equipment verification
  • Compare as-built to as-designed
  • Record of site grading
  • Ability to visually identify potential hazards


3D laser scanning provides visual understanding of how future growth and expansion will fit into existing conditions. Our process allows for maximization of existing facility systems and operations.


3D Scanning identifies conflicts between design and existing conditions utilizing clash detection. In addition, we can:

  • Reduce construction schedule
  • Automate clash detection
  • Minimize change orders
  • Prove routing and tie-ins for congested areas
  • Improve accessibility for operation and maintenance
  • Maximize space efficiency


3D laser scanning is used during construction to either give feedback to the owner or verification for the contractor. Scanning during construction is the beginning of BIM (Building Information Modelling).


Safety in the workspace is always a concern for responsible companies. The need for site improvements can require workers to document existing conditions in potentially hazardous areas.

  • Offsite reviews
  • Ability to visually examine potentially dangerous access areas
  • Pinpoint potential dangerous situations in the work space
  • Confined space documentation without entry
  • Limit number of personnel time exposure to potential hazardous areas
  • Incident or injury scene documentation
  • Safe data acquisition of highways and rails

Operations & Maintenance

3D scans provide intelligent inventory of all assets to prepare for both planned and unplanned maintenance while keeping the facility functioning at its required operational level.

  • Proactive maintenance
  • Auditing capabilities
  • Insurance

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